Dual Sport Suspension Concepts and Tuning eBook

Like most things in motorcycling, suspension mixes art with science. Professional racers on the same team and bikes find one anothers settings unusable, so knowing whether your bike is working as well as it can for you is a subjective and difficult question. Usually the answer is no.

If any of these conditions describe your ride, there are improvements to be had:

  • If you struggle to initiate a turn, or hold a line through a corner, or finish the turn as you want, suspension and chassis setup can help.
  • If you lack confidence in a straight line over rough or loose or soft terrain, and feel like your bike is always trying to get away from you, suspension setup can help.
  • If you bottom very frequently or almost never, your suspension is not set up right.
  • If you involuntarily wince when you approach a certain type of obstacle on the trail, your suspension is not set up right.

Our approach is to start by explaining the underlying principles of suspension and chassis theory, to equip you to understand what your bike is doing. Once you have a framework, you will have a much easier time recognizing how your bike works as formerly mysterious actions are explained and understood.

With a baseline of understanding established, we offer two tuning sections. The first is a practical process of carefully chosen and ordered steps, which will help you learn about your bike and guide you to the best compromise possible if you take your time to follow them. The second is a troubleshooting guide that will give you an idea of what to change if you are struggling in a particular area.

Sold as an Adobe Acrobat .pdf eBook download. The book contains animations that require the latest version of Acrobat to be played, but the static text and drawings can be seen in any version.

eBook Specific FAQ available here.