"Cycle World's John Burns says: Watching the video won’t make you Paris-Dakar-ready, but the disc lays out excellent drills for beginners to use to hone their skills before hitting the trail. Just as important for beginners, bonus footage shows you how to prep your bike and what to pack along on the trail, including essential tools."

Motorcyclist Magazine's Tim Carrithers says:"Ned is pretty good at this virtual instructor thing, breaking down complex operations into drills the couch-bound mind can absorb and reproduce on a motorcycle."

Rider Magazine's Arden Kysely says: "The script and photography are excellent, part of a professional effort that features clear narration, slow motion sequences, and subtitles to emphasize key points. In its eight main segments, Dual Sport Riding Techniques delivers a concise and effective way to improve your riding."

Adventure Motorcycling's Susan Dragoo says: "Around the campfire at our weekend gathering, I find myself enthusiastically recommending the video to other riders, 'newbies' and veterans alike."

Citybike's Patrick Moriarty says: "This is a very worthwhile film for any rider, expert to novice. it covers essential off-road techniques that are meant to help you not scare you."