General FAQ

Do you ship to my country? 
Yes, we ship worldwide using Postal mail. Cost within the US is $4.95, and $10 to the rest of the world. 

Is it available in PAL format?
No, it is in NTSC only, but the region code is set to 0 (all regions) and most recent DVD players (and nearly all DVD-ROM’s) can handle either format. 

Who are we, and why did we make the DVD?
While there were lots of people involved in the project, the core team was Ned Suesse (Neduro from adventure rider), who brought the experience of teaching many dualsport riding clinics, and Michael Bye (Springoly from adventure rider), who brought 25 years of experience making professional visual media. We got together to make the DVD out of excitement to share our passion for dualsporting.

How will I learn from this DVD? 

Hopefully, simply watching it will illuminate a few things, but you’ll get much more from it if you practice the drills described herein. Each DVD has a .pdf study guide you can print to remind you of what to practice, and you’ll probably return to the DVD repeatedly as you gain comfort and look for the next step.