Dual Sport Riding DVD

Who is this DVD for? Will I benefit from watching it?
For new riders, the content is eye opening and provides a good foundation. For more experienced riders, the chance to step back and think about riding in a new way is a valuable opportunity. In my clinics, riders of all skill levels have commented on how much they've gotten out of the experience, and I think the same holds true for the DVD.

How will I learn from this DVD?
For every fundamental skill, we outline not only how to do the skill, but also why. In addition, we outline one or more drills to practice, to help you get a feel for the skill in isolation, and thus build comfort and familiarity with doing it correctly. 
To facilitate this kind of practice, we've included a PDF file on the disk that you can print and bring with you when you practice, to remind you of the drills and the key points for each.

What bikes did you ride, and why? What if mine is not pictured?
We rode what we owned, or what we could beg, borrow, or steal. There's a sampling of adventure bikes like KTM 950 and 640s, BMW R/GS and F/GS, and Kawasaki's KLR.
Physics is unconcerned with branding. These techniques are relevant so long as your chosen bike has two wheels and a motor.

Where was the project filmed? Can I go there?
Most of the DVD was filmed in Western Colorado, and Eastern Utah. We shot most of the footage during the winter and spring, so our options were limited to what was snow free. Luckily, this beautiful part of the earth has a wide range of conditions available, from Eastern mud and roots, to Western sand washes.
You can absolutely go there- point your bike in that direction, and don't stop except for gas. We aren't giving away the exact locations, though, because what fun would that be?

Can I revisit this DVD as I get more comfortable with the techniques?
The beauty of repeatable drills is that the learning they can provide is unlimited. You can always make the drill more challenging, and there's no limit to how far you can refine your skill. By returning to the DVD again and again, you can pick up on more subtle points that were not apparent at first glance.

The DVD was fantastic, and I learned a ton. What's the next step?
Consider buying our second DVD, Advanced Dual Sport Riding Techniques!