Advanced Dual Sport Riding Techniques

What bikes are you riding? What if mine is not one of them? 
We spent most of our time on KLR 650’s and KTM 990’s, because we happen to own them. But, physics is colorblind, and the techniques described are just as effective on other brands and models.

Will this be relevant for me? 
We believe that the fundamentals are just that, and are important for every rider, no matter their skill level, preferred terrain, and so on. If nothing else, you’ll gain a better understanding of how the motorcycle works, but the benefits most people see go far beyond that.

I’m a pretty good rider already, should I start with “Advanced…”? 
We recommend strongly against it. The basics presented in the first DVD are done in the most unintimidating way possible, which can lead to the misperception that they are easy, but they will benefit all riders. In fact, many of our most experienced students get the most out of our intro classes, because they have the skill to really pick up on the nuances. “Advanced Techniques” is a direct sequel, that starts where the first one left off.

I’m a novice rider, will this be over my head? 
Potentially. But, if you can find the time for a little practice, it won’t be for long- build comfort with the drills in the first DVD and then continue into the second at your own pace.

Where was the DVD filmed? Can I go there? 
Sure! We filmed in the high mountains of Colorado near Ouray and Telluride. We could tell you the passes we rode, but what fun is that? Go exploring in that area and you’ll never be disappointed.

Who are you people? 
Dual Sport Riding is a collaborative effort between Ned Suesse and Michael Bye, who met at a clinic Ned was teaching, hit it off, and have enjoyed combining our talents ever since. Along the way we bribe a number of miscreants to join us in our adventures, each of whom ads flavor to the mix.